POSE 101.

Hello! Welcome back to my blog, yay!
So, today I'm gonna tell you how to be more skinny even you are not that skinny 101. Make sure you are not skipping how to be skinny in 5 minutes. LOL. Better learn how to pose, how to hide your fat than edit them. Body shaming is bad issue for everybody, so accept the way you are and learn to handle it. 

Well, you know that I have a lil bit curvy body, so I have a small waist but big tights and athletic shoulder. Sometimes, I can look more "skinnier" because the way I choose my outfit or pose. Don't wear any outfit that make you look fat, even you like that outfit so bad, you know, not every single outfit fit you perfectly. Know your body shape!

Summer is the most favorite season, the weather, the outfit, the vibes. Well, the outfit? Where's everyone show off their damn body. So lately, I work on my summer body and I lost 6kg, and I gain 1kg after massive eat during the holiday. Pork, lard, Jesus, everything seems right in Bali. So, after a very long break on social media, I decided to come back, and you can see a lot of difference from my last. My 1st photoshoot after, oh Lord my poses are fucking awkward and my photographer losing his sense of taking ootd picture. We need to work on it and we feel it after 3 days long, damn this thing is take time. My first 3 days are bad, totally bad. 

100 times of photo lead to 1 good photo that you post on social media #fact
These two are exactly my trial and error. And a lot more. Bad pose leads you to become 10kg fat than you know.

Your outfit, your poses, background, they are all MATTER.
1. What makes me look fat? I'm too blending in with the background make me lose my shape and then I take the front side photo so I become 10 times chubby in the cheeks, you see the double chin is now pop out, my shoulder is bigger than usual, my tights look big even though I wore loose jumpsuit and my tummy even bigger like 5 months pregnant. Sigh. 1 simple pose leads you to fatal picture.
The actual size of my body
Wrong Pose
This is the normal me, so you just need to find right pose for your outfit.
2. Sabrina Top Pose if you are curvy. Cover your arm fat. 
Wrong pose, showing big fat arms.
Same person, same fat, only in right pose.

If you are curious, I'm 164cm and 59kg. I'm okay with my curvy body because I feel a lot happier with my body right now. I don't need to be skinny, I only need to be fit. So, there's a lot of poses to try on, the pose that doesn't show your fat off. The pose that make you look slimmer. When the others keep wondering how fat you are, sometimes curvy, one day you are skinny, chill, they just don't know how to pose. They only judge and don't know the process back there. Thanks to my photographer for shouting when I look fat. LOL. See ya next post!

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