HIGHLIGHTS 2011-2017

Hello hello guys! One post per month I hope. Welcome and spot any difference on my template? Yash! Need fresh air and look. So, I just can't believe I made my journey this far 7 years and still counting oooeeeemjiii SEVEN FREAKIN YEARS <3

So, a little bit highlight will be cute I guess. How I made my journey this far, throwback when I'm just 17 years fashion freak. When my old site address still bellionducky. Oh I miss my long hair!
Only eyeliner and hair clip.
Where the prints meet and still with a little eye make up. Those purple hair tho, it's a hair chalk that booming back then if you guys still remember.
Grew up, do some make up but still boyish inside. No hair-do detected lol.
This is actually my year of.. I don't know but I feel totally different, I learn about make up, I got a lot of product collaboration, a productive one. 
The calm down year.
I'm on the edge of Hiatus

2018, I need to comeback. I paid for my site every year but I post not more than 20. I think I'm gonna share another journey like travel, beauty and food, because why not? Of course not my hometown food, you know they already had a lot of foodie and food blogger but still I don't know where I want to hang out or I want to go. Back to rule number 1, the easiest to find, the cheaper and the most delicious, welcome back Nasi Padang. Ha!:)

Anyway, that is my highlight and resolution for 2018, look how chubby I am back then. Thankyou for fat, skinny, fit body, long hair, curly hair, short, ombre, I've experienced it all and I'm so happy for my self. Sooo, see you next post!

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