Hi there! Welcome back to my blog. The wait is over. Yay! 
If you are following my instagram (if you don't kindly follow mine (@yukianas) you know that I'm into a new crush with those cute babies. VOV MaxMini Cushion. Clozette ID gave me a chance to review these beauty products away from Korea. Let me introduce you VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion and VOV Maxmini Moist Cushion. Curious? enough just like me.

Well, I'll explain my skin first. My skin type is oily, but because I'm working in a dry place often than kitchen and my skin type became dry because of air conditioner a whole day. I totally need both of them because the cover suit for my outdoor photoshoot and the moist suit for my daily wear.

You know my style. I never done such a Korea make up and style before, not because I don't like it but because I think that's not gonna work with me. But, I think I’m wrong. 
If you notice when you watch some k-dramas, their main artist will always have a super glowing face with less make up. Look like natural but so camera-genic. I’m so envy. Their skin is so flawless. But don’t worry, VOV Maxmini Cushion is the answer of your curiousity.

VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion

Let’s review about VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion first. Available in 4 shade, no. 21 Light Skin, no. 23 Natural Skin, no. 33 Beige dan no. 43 Dark Beige.
My kind of makeup rutinity always start with primer and then foundation plus concealer to cover my acne scars. With VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion I just skipped 3 step and go ahead with contouring. Well, I’m very happy because I can use this cushion as my based, they covering all my acne scars pretty well without looking so cakey. Oh I’m using shade 23 Natural Skin by the way. The result? Comes out glowing. My dull skin became more glowing and bright. I need to add my usual translucent powder to my face because this shade is little to bright for me if I don't did any coverage. Maybe I will try beige next for my skin color. You can see the before and after just right here. I think the result was pretty matte and cover the acne scars well but not for redness and big acne.

VOV Maxmini Cover Cushion is a life safer for photoshoot. Because this is more into oily skin type so I think it’s suitable for outdoor activities like photoshoot that will be more sweat and action. They cover more with SPF50+/PA+++. I used it myself for 2 hours photo shoot for this blog and still okay with the makeup. Totally satisfied and will repurchased!

VOV Maxmini Moist Cushion

Next heading to VOV Maxmini Moist Cushion. From what I read, this cushion more into dry skin type. I’m used this for my office day and my dating night. Guess what? I’m so in love. They come in 2 shades, no 21 Light skin dan no 23 Natural Skin. I'm using 23 Natural Skin as well. This moist cushion can last a whole day in my face without looking cakey and cracking but if I'm working indoor. 

Overall, I love both of them, not to cheesy but I really love how I look when I apply this cushion on my face. And for the cover cushion, next I will try another shade that suit me best. Oh not forget to mention that the packing is very cute and trendy also they have a similar look but don't worry, if the the outer color is matte than it's means cover cushion, if the outer color glowing than it's means moist cushion. Price? IDR 325.000 and IDR 185.000 for the refill. Visit their instagram & facebook for information here :

And this is my outdoor photoshoot with VOV Maxmini Cover applied on my face.
Thankyou Clozette Indonesia for great opportunity and got a chance to giva some review for VOV Indonesia. By the way, don't forget to visit my Clozette profile and follow here.

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