Hai! Welcome back to my blog. How's your day? It's Sunday by the way. H-8 Halloween 2016. Have you prepare something to celebrate halloween day? Maybe party or just night out with costume will not kill anyone. Me? Oh well, I'm not prepare anything because it's a weekday. It might be very busy. 

Anyway, I just cleared my closet and I need to rearranging my closet back to make them look tidy. I put my old and new clothes in a different rack and I found a looooot of tumblr tee inside my closet. Almost all of them are black. For God sake. And I just got the new one from WEARMEOUT.SHOP. Tumblr tee is a right choice when you are too tired to thinking of something to wear. They are simple, comfy and always right. 

Easy to combine. Your A line skirt? Rebel jeans, high waist pants even midi skirt or flare skirt. Oh they are simple and great in the same way. Add some leather jacket, bomber or even denim jacket and they gonna slay your look a whole day. But I suggest you not to wear those complete outfit that I told you before when sun is very high. Well, I have no idea. 

This time I'm wearing my tumblr tee with bell bottom. Kinda 60's. Not hard to find in your momma's closet. I decided to pair them and comes out cool I think. Got this super rebel tumblr tee in 3 pcs for only 96.000 IDR. Oh my, what can you miss? I leave you the link below. I know you will like it!

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