Calmly Pastel

Raining season just coming. It's a time for some warm clothes. Time for parka and bomber to shine. But not for me, parka and bomber is so yesterday. That trends already happening last year. And to mention that I'm not too free as before, that now I have a job and I can't wear what I want to express my self. It's office by the way and it's kitchen for sure.

Thanks God It's Friday. Little free time through my busy week. Soon the weekend will come, just can't wait to spend more time with blogging thing. H-3 Halloween will come, what do you want to do? Party? Hang out or girls time? Oh can't wait to see my timeline will full of Halloween celebration. I'm kinda miss my free time as a student when all I need to think was study or project, and I can spend my weekend hang out with friends and family or the love one. Not for now, they are too busy to diggin' for gold for our future life. Yes in my soon to be 23 years old, it's not the time to play along or being lazy because we don't want to face the truth that we can't play too much as we want. 

This is my 9th month of working. I'm not gonna say that I like my job. This is not in my life goals list. They really are not. Everyone hates their bosses so I am. We need to try a lot of new things in life when we are still young enough to taste so many great experience in life. I just remember, when I had some interview about "what you gonna do in the next 5 years?" And my answer is, I will on the backstage styling for the model and their catwalk. Really? For God sake it's not gonna happen. We are just too young and too naive. Sometimes I'm sad to face that what I want, what I need to do for my next age and life will not gonna happen. It's change my life goals, the entire goals if you want to know. I'm not longer into fashion so much, because I know, they are useless to try. I heard that about 1000 ways to Rome but still, it's too far away to reach. It's not me that not want to try but where I live, where I belongs it's make me realize that there is no way, I need another goals to pursue. I'm still blogging but I don't have a big hope for what I want, I just enjoy blogging and be a blogger especially for fashion. Oh not forget to mention, this clutch is from @wearmeoutclutch.

Necklace - Saturday Label

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