Hello there sweet heart! I really really happy because I can start writing and have some shoot again, I really mean it. After 3 months of working adaption and had promotion to better place I set myself as free as before, because I can manage my time between office working and blogging. Kitchen time was yet killin (for sure). Oh and hai everybody how ya doin? Oh my god, time flies too fast. Even I get bored with blogging things, photo shoots, and all those blogger drama but I can't just quit. Well taking some rest and then yet missing blogging and then start doing blogging things with new spirit and new content I hope the better for my blog. Okay enough, let's move on to my first post endorser.

I introduce you, TN.SHOP.PKU, for you who lives in Pekanbaru, this is such a great news because this is my favorite shop to buy my office wear such as pants (cotton pants) or blouse or maybe skirt because they offer a formal fashion and more special for Hijab. They sell pastel color and I love them! Really, affordable clothes to buy and you just need to wait 2/3 days for your products to come, and Oh! They deliver your clothes till your home door, for freeeeee what a great service! I love them, love love them. Really, not because they give me endorsement but I shop their too and there's not a bad thing to say. Here they are, Ivana Dress Black from TN.SHOP.PKU, enjoy!

 Ivana Dress Black - TN.SHOP.PKU // Perline Necklace - Saturday Label // Bag - Forever 21

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See you next post, xx!