Hello sweetheart! Welcome back to WWW.IAMLUCIANNE.COM. I'm so glad to post another featuring project with GLAM PALM. Let me introduce Glam Palm to you, oh before I forgot, this is GLAMPALM GP 225 AL.

Hair straighteners or commonly called by Catokan is a hair styling products that must be owned by a woman. This tool has been around since 1909. It's very easy to use in hair styling so that's why this product become a best seller. And if you notice this brand, GLAMPALM is a Korea hair styler. Glampalm is a professional salon tools by using exclusive healing stone mixed on the ceramic plate. Powered by ion, far infrared rays and advanced technology makes Glampalm World Class Styling Wands. Glampalm products make your hair soft and shiny with so many hair style that, capable of giving perfect satisfaction. They've trials in one University in Korea on 20 Women proven by using Glampalm hair condition remains in good condition.
 Why GLAMPALM became a must have?
1. Glampalm plates made by special mixed (ion & mineral stone)
2. Minimize hair dried and and give smooth and shiny appearance
3. They have 2 mode :
4. LED Light system : They have suitable temperature option based on your hair condition
5. Quick heating & Heat recovery and many more

More about GLAMPALM that you will happy when you have it :
They have super cool leather pouch to bring your hair tools everywhere you go, I just need 5 minutes only to make my hair ready for work, automatic shut down when you forget, Manual users and guarantee card included. Well, I style my hair between 180-200 degress for curly hair and 180 for straight hair. To be honest, this is a great hair tool to deal with, multiways to style and you can have they all in one tool. Every women will love this, mine was GP 225 AL. Good hair styler never disappointed your hair. I totally recommend you if you want or just thinking gonna change your styling tools, go buy GLAMPALM, no regret. LOVE YOUR HAIR? LOVE GLAMPALM!
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