Halo! Welcome back to my blog. Today I’m gonna talk about Maroon & Rose my newest sponsor for this blog post. If you are my old follower, you know that I have changing my style from a little boring old style to more “fun” style. Yep, so many color blocks, pattern and a bit hippie style into them but I love the result for sure. Since I cut my long hair to short bob well I can say that I feel no regret like other. I can make my self a totally different look and my boyfriend always said that not only my style that so chameleon also my face. He said that I need to be grateful because my face can fit any outfit that I want like grunge, kawaii, chic, vintage also the super feminine one. I haven’t tried any Korean fashion or make up, maybe I will do it someday. Okay next, talking about Maroon & Rose is a local fashion brand based on Denpasar, Bali. Was founded in early September 2012. They are focus to exploring local ethnic fabric in to elegant, feminine and sophisticated design. Called it "Urban clothes with an ethnic touch".
By the way they having sale! Go check their website out Maroon And Rose. If you need to find any traditional clothes like kutu baru, batik top they also have some option to choose. 

I started to dress up like crazy, or maybe you can say that I can’t wore my outfit out for hangout or this outfit is for photo shoot only. If you only buy clothes and think, this outfit made only for photoshoot not for hangout, you are totally not a blogger. You can separate the whole outfit and wear it like normal. I choose the diamond skirt because, I love to pair pattern in to fun color. So, the post is about how to dress up normal in a fashion way! Enjoy the photos!

 Diamond Skirt - Maroon And Rose // Birken Stock - American Eagle

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