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Special update about my 22nd birthday on 24 December, Oh my God I'm just turning 22 for 3 days already. Well, I'm realize I'm not a teenage anymore. I just grew up to be a young adult (not a teenage but not yet an adult too). I just want to thank God for everything I had and for every blast he gave me. To be honest I've set my 22nd years goal to walk foward from my ordinary life into a great future. And I wish for the best I can get.

Well on my special birthday I choose Labersa to became my special lunch place. Grand Labersa Hotel & Convention Center is a 5 stars hotel based in my city. The reason why I pick Labersa is because I always in love with their food, I almost try all of their foods with my boyfriend since 2013. You can say that I'm their regular guest haha. Beside all of that, I always said that I'm kind of person who dislike crowd, I prefer a quiet and comfortable place even they are far away from city. I reserved a candle light lunch on my birthday with a special menu that we've picked up yesterday and now we are ready to eat! To be honest I love the decor, I love the pink theme around my birthday room, I really surprised because I don't expect that the decor will be that kind of sweet, and the lunch was at the 8th floor and the vip room was reserved for me. Happy Girl!

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