Black X Kawaii

Hello my blog readers! How are ya? 
So the post will about BLACK X KAWAII. Okay I'm excited. 
I found the grandma's skirt yesterday, it's a little bit vintage and girly and long and polkadot. I just think what I'm gonna do, what I'm gonna post or how I'm gonna post with this skirt. And then the next day my newest swimsuit safely arrived and I just, OMG! Too hype to be swimsuit but will be a perfect swimsuit that none of them have it here. When I tried the top, I just said, THIS IS THE PERFECT TOP and then I paired the top with my grandma skirt. Well done. I realize that I still have a brand new boots that I still don't know what to pair, and plus choker, plus 70's round glasses, leather jacket and fierce make up. I'm so in love.

Good news for all of my blog readers, because December is a special month, and so do you, I will make a special giveaway for my loyal readers. Can be a bag, shoes, make up tools or anything that belong to my favorite things. Curious? Stay close till the next post!

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See you next post, xx!