Hai iamlucianne reader! Welcome back to my site with my newest LOOK LIKE PROJECT CHANNEL. So, I decided to add this category to my blog because I think it was a fun and new thing to do, sooo far. Actually, it was my second LLP (Look Like Project) that I ever did, the first one was about Becky G and too bad, I can't post the photo because I lost the main folder. Okay, just make this one become the first because it's officially open my new blog category.

In LLP post I will share about 3 main things to look like the artist/to copy their outfit:
1. Make sure that you have similiar outfit to rock the LLP!
2. Groom as close as the artist look. Can be their accessories, their make up or hair do.
3. Utilize your old clothes that not good for ootd post or maybe your boyfriend clothes!

My outfit scene was directed by my photographer Clement Ananto. Big thanks to him, so last week we saw Ellie Goulding's On My Mind video and he saw not Ellie but the girl beside Ellie, I've search a whole day about her but too bad I can't find her name. Well, she is the bad ass girl that accompany Ellie with their horses to mess the casino. After that he just got inspiration to make over me as close as the girl's look.
Here's the picture and what you need to have an outfit like her, all items are special for youuuu!

1. Flannel Shirt, I prefer the loose one because I feel more swag than the thight one, so I borrow my boyf shirt. 
2. Rebel/Ripped Jeans
3. Moto Scarves
4. Chain Bracelet 
5. Big Round Earrings
Don't forget to add grunge make up to your face, mine here. And have all of your hair braided. Full photos, scroll down..

 So what was that? So happy to know that my face can be anything that I want. Got any inspiration? Or have another idea for my LLP part 2? Tell me on my instagram account, K?


For the bonus, I will review 1 beauty product that I've used for 2-3 times in 2 weeks, Wardah Lightening BB Cream.
Last 2 weeks, my friend on a drugstore shopping with me, and I saw Wardah Lightening BB Cream and then she suggest me to buy because she already has one and she said it worth to use. The price range between 20k-30k only, low budget classified for beginner like me and not a replica brand, it's a good brand with low cost offer. Next, I apply them to my face on my last 2-3 times photoshoot, overall I like the texture, not too heavy, the bb cream can cover all my dark spot and panda eyes but a little bit oily at the beginning, and then I cover the bb cream with loose powder to remove the oily effect. Based on my research the bb cream last for 3 hours and start to become oily on the next hour. The less I like about the bb cream is after I have my face clean (without any make up) I feel oily on my face especially the T zone and last until the next day (my face skin is dry). But overall I feel satisfied with the product, I guess there was the last, I'll see you soon on the next post!

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