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Bonjour! Today gonna be a good day. A great morning here from Mengkapan. Since, I haunt too many jumpsuit so far, here was some of them. The reason why I love jumpsuit because this outfit consist of top and bottom already, this jumpsuit gonna be a part of THIS IS LUCIA Monochrome Collection Vol. 1. 

Well, since I received so many question about what exactly I'm doing, what is my job? Why do you look so free and did so many shoot. Here are the answers, I'm gonna work as a Sushi Chef start December 2015. But, while waiting for my main job, this few months after graduation ceremony I did a lot of job. From October to November I'm working as a Surveyor for Riau Provincial Tourism Board. My September I'm working for as a featured blogger till next year also Clozette Ambassador start this November. I can't make my self as free as it's look because you know, sometimes you need to be more independent before your age. 

Oh anyway, to my sponsor. Well I've described what exactly I'm doing every day and I got a bad month because of too tired and not well rested I almost hit by typhoid of symtoms. Well, telling that I'm sick, I'm not in a good condition and cause of late promotion are really not my things. I really appreciate those who support my blog and know what exactly blogger means. I'm not a selebgram that focus on promotion and endorsement, selebgram and blogger are a way different. So, please, give some appreciate of what we are doing as a blogger. I never take any fee if I like the product and promote them for free but sometimes that attitude need answer. You know that .com was not free and going somewhere to take some photo scene, searching for all set outfit need time and money. You need to understand that. I never force you all to give any endorsement to me. Since I really try to make a good frame of your product please understand to not insisting of anything.

Fyi, to reach out this place, 2 hours by speed boat to county town and then by motorcycle, my both photographer on 1 motorcycle and guess what I'm driving alone. 60 km from capital city, we need to crossed the river by canoe and passed the ring road within 1 hour. The weather can't be predicted. It's hot, sandy and wet. For the last, we still need an excellent result for our photo. I'm not complaining, just saying that moment inside the picture need a lot of sacrifice that you don't know. Could a happy or maybe sad story. So I attached our behind the scene photos. Thank you for understanding :)

Full Team! YAY!

Jumpsuit - THIS IS LUCIA // Shoes - Bigy Gorjes

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