Just made a quick post before the end of October. By the way new feature on my blog on the right side. See? Because I'm one of those featured blogger on Whatwelike.co so I released my personal tab on right side for the newest article about fashion and fashion people.

I'm on my duty to tourist village around Riau, in the framework of the investment bookkeeping. Became a surveyor for this team around 1 month have been nomad from one village to another village and kept me away from gadget and another life mode that still going when I'm busy digging for some information. Anyway I decided to cut away my hair after graduation until this short, don't know what I'm gonna say about this cut but, I'm little satisfied to the result because yeah, still missing that long hair yet but not too full. I still can handle my feeling that my hair will grow as fast as I want. *haha* girls thing. Sorry for changing style because, nothing I can wear on forest or river trip if I want to still safe and away from more dark skin.

Adidas Top - @oeyshop2015 // Jogger Pants - Giyomi // Nike Wedges

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