Razzle Dazzle

Baby, finished? You gotta kidding me. You know how to dress well, huh?
Definitely, Yes! I don't forget how to dress up, bitches you know that world spin around every second and you need to learn to be more awesome day by day.

I think I'm not the only one who ever felt this annoyed feeling, all fashion bloggers did. When your friends think that your clothes are the way too excessive and complaint when we said it's totally awesome when we wore it. Not only friends, your boyfriend, girlfriend, colleague, neighbors, manager or family ever did. Surely we will feel annoyed when we are well preparing our outfit and they scoffed at what we wear. Yes, one question, do you live in place that when we wear something different all people will look at you with eyes full of questions? Yes I'am. I don't quite understand why, maybe my city it's a little left behind in the fashion world? but I don't think so. Only just too want to meddle in the affairs of others, I guess, or they can't be like ourselves.

What makes someone dressed in certain way? What makes they choose what they wear? Consequently, why do people dress up at all?  I'm not pretending to be someone I'm not. If I felt it was the best then I will wear whatever people's opinions. But we still have the limits, wear what we would not violate existing rules, still on the track just a little improvisation to look more attractive. I believe people who are on that way it is a person who never tired of finding new things to dive. Good if we respect which become people's decision.

I listened to Fifth Harmony's songs last few days, it is a good thing because their song contains a fun lyrics and they have a distinctive sound each to be maintained. My favorite is the Christmas song one and Me & My Girls. Finally I'm back from hell. Because it is too long to leave the blog world I feel confuse to find what I'm going to wear for my first outfit shoot in 2015. I planned to have a photo shoot from last 5 days but you know that paper circumstances do not permit. It took a lot of strength to leave. 

Another good news came from my very new and fresh bedroom layout, re-do by my one and only ca. Talking about bedroom is where my inspiration come, my mini studio, my heaven and my working office at all. Maybe will be a room tour one day (I hope), painted with soft pink color, lately added up new shelf beside my bed, I forget what the name was when the salesman said last time, bought a new long mirror, you know, the mirror in my room looks like in the salon right now because it can be seen from the front and rear. My nail polish shelf, sunnies, bags and hats hanger are on process. And here I am with the rebel for the first outfit post in 2015. It's glad to be home again! Yeah.

Top - H&M // Skirt - Topshop // Outerwear - Zara // Shoes - Chicotienda // Necklace - Lupita Handmade

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