Something From The Dust

Writing something without a meaning is really not useful. I start to filled up my blog with kind words nowadays. So our topic today is Your Beautiful Body. So many girls who can only judge herself without ever realizing that they are beautiful and have a positive advantages in her body. We often complain why we are not as skinny as her body? as pretty as? as slim as? as perfect as her? 

We can said our bad side outloud  than the advantages that we have, consciously or unconsciously. When people ask me, what is your favorite part of your body from head to toe, I will answer my goldie-brown eyes, even they have a minus, my straight hair, my flat belly and my height, also my face because I can turn feminine whenever I want or boyish if I want to. Sounds like self-praise isn't it? But who else should pay tribute to our bodies other than our own? We are caring, keep our bodies to look good, fat or thin it's a gift given by God which is not owned by someone else. Although I heard a rumor that we have 7 twin in this world that very similar to ours. ;p

Lately, I love to drink infuse water that booming on instagram, honey lemon be my favorite so far. Have a little exercise at home and take care of my daily food because I've gained my eyes minus, will be very terrible if continued. And tonight will be the last night at home because I will have my next internship at another town for half year and wish me luck!

Talking about my rainbow beanie, where to get? Not for sell, it's a gift from my boyfriend's mother. Cute isn't it? Introducing my newest sponsor, FROM TINY, presents a very beautiful stone necklace for daily wear will match perfectly with your outfit. Enjoy the catalogue!

Stone Necklace - FROM TINY // OOTD OUTFIT - kittensrack & ercorner boutique

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