Feel back to my old habbit. Simply and playful. Time went so fast, it's December already, are you ready for 2014? Gosh! So much love in 2013 that I can't leave it behind. Wish the better year for 2014. Hope for new experience in traveling again and again. So, please welcome my special sponsorship this month, it's GOTOSOVIE! Fashion is a good thing, yes, I'm totally agree. Don't change your self to follow other, stay same and be famous. I really like this quotes, my boy said that. Motivate me a lot. Sometimes I feel so tired but still I have to do that. There is always a good thing in every way. 

About GOTOSOVIE, it's an awesome online shop who offers premium bags for your daily use, office match and girly style. All of their bags are handmade. Beside shoes, my second favorite thing is a bag. Not a hand bag, I like small-cute-mini bag for sure, I don't like to carry a monster in my bag, just for a little thing that important, so I collects many mini bag till this month, and one of my favorite is from GOTOSOVIE called, Zephira Cleany Plum, I choose this bag because we can wear it in 3 ways, and I often use it in backpack style. Enjoy!

Eyeball Outer - LILMISSCOLETTE // Bag - GOTOSOVIE // Guns&RosesTank - CAYSTORE 

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