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Leave the past but remember the best. 
Recall the joy in previous year. 
Arrange annual resolution and reach your dream! 
Happy New Year 2013!!!
Forgive all my mistakes in 2012 and I always try to be more better more and more more better! So hwalah! Here my wish list for January 2013 :
I'm so in love with red, maroon, burgundy, velvet and all of that vintage thing. Yeah maybe I will shop more red color and full up my closet with that pretty color.
for a year I've been inspired by million fashionista, especially for the local blogger, they are awesome, rebels, gorgeous, any word can't describe how proud I know they are Indonesian! Leave a little sparkles wherever you go! That's my favorite words
thankyou for all my followers and readers who always support me and remind me to keep blogging! I love you all <3

by the way I found this! She/he said that I'm Sonia Eryka's copycat, am I? please tell me if I do :))
for me, better I'm copying Anastasia Siantar or Claradevi style then copying Sonia Eryka, I like her style but I like them both. So thankyou for the comment that you give, but you report to wrong person. Later, comment by your name, so I know why and which style that I copying her. Don't be a chicken! Thankyou.



  1. pretty dress! happy new year dear :)

  2. happy new year dear :3 keep inspiring! xx

  3. wonderful stuffs on your wish list!
    happy new year

  4. nice dress on ur wishlist<3
    happy new year 2013!!


  5. i love your wishlist <3
    happy new year 2013 yuki :)


  6. pretty lady, happy new year :)
    anyway would you like to follow each other? :)

  7. cute photos !!

    wish you an happy new year

    wanna follow on facebook and twitter?

    Elegantesque Blog

  8. wow, you have a gorgeous hair!! :))

  9. happy new year too kak <3 ignore those kind of comments,don't let them bring you down :) anywayss im drooling over your wishlist!!

  10. Happy New Year!
    I followed your blog
    follow me too?

  11. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3
    Happy New Year!:*

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  12. happy new year yuki ! hope everything will greatfull btw suka sama bandonya ;)

  13. Hi there, please kindly check my new post,
    there is some artworks from me to you as my appreciation as blogger that inspired me a lot :)
    thanks for the attention ;)

    1. thankyouuuu Angelica ({})
      I love your artworks always and I will post it in the next post <3

  14. OMG, someone said you're copycat??? You both different =="

    visit my little cream button♥


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