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I've finished my third semester and just have a little holiday while I wait for my final exam result. One step complete and there's another step that yet to come, 4th semester is about Internship, I will have my internship time start from 18th of February till 1st June. Yes, it's long-term internship at Five Stars Hotel. Aaaand I'm not ready enough, because it so close to Chinese New Year and I'm celebrate it, deal with all my internship requisite certainly stole all my holiday time. Submission of letter, interview, medical test and many more. Hope I can enjoy my internship and do the best for the perfect result. Wish me luck.
 Simple thing that I love. Studded Emerald Crop - Chicoshop // Polka Clutch - Berry Benka // Arm Candy - Greentelee // Vintage Watch & Basic Loafers - Cayleecious_id // Bowler Hat - SACS ET CHAUSSURES
This is my very first time have an outfit post with red lipstick, not too red but pretty enough for beginner. Haha. By the way, my shop Cayleecious_id always give many surprise, gift, for all my costumers, and congratulation to Deniathly from This is real and This is me, who won this Editor's Pick and get this Basic Loafers just like mine. This shoes is the most that I always wore nowadays.
Thankyou for Angelica Hennata from LUCIOLE VIVACE for choose me as 5 bloggers that inspired a lot. Thank you very much for the artwork I truly appreciate it, and you can request yours too just send your email to : and visit her page to see another awesome design!

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  1. aww you look so lovely yuki :) btw, i am the winner from editor's pick? i just know about that hehe thank you so much pretty :)

  2. so cute :) you are gorgeous and this look matches you perfectly:)

  3. congrats ♥
    you look pretty with red lipstick..

  4. you look pretty! the bag is super cute <3

  5. i'm falling in love with your cute dot bag!!
    so cute dear! :D

    btw i have a new post on my blog, hope you'll like it :D

  6. absolutely great outfit - cute and lovely and this colours :-)
    I am your new follower :-)

  7. thanks for you lovely comment

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  8. sweet outfits. their color are cute.
    I love your flawless hair.

  9. love your red lipstick. so bold
    you should try plum maybe.
    love the whole outfit. especially the bowler hat. lol

  10. lovely outfit, i love your top and shoes. i think the pants lil bit too tight, but still look pretty and you :) good luck for everything :)

  11. Love the combination ! You look great :D <3

  12. love your style. as always <3

  13. so beautiful ^^ You have a really pretty hair, and thats hat makes it awesome!

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  14. You look pretty, kak Yuki! Love that polka little bag! :D

  15. aw love the colors combination. looks so fresh :D

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  16. love your outfit.

  17. love the artworks! also love your jumper dear :)
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  18. wowwwwwwwwww i'm in love with your blog! would you like to follow each other? great style! Waiting for you on mine's!!!

  19. love your outfit!


  20. pretty look! like the colour of your top xx

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