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sooooo long time no post! I'm sorry, trapped in a lot of campus 'life' activities. Okay I will not wasting a lot of my time, ups I mean, our time. For Indonesian Fashion Bloggers and Shoppaholic say hi to Cayleecious_ID!!! This is my big project that I've planned for aaaaaa long so long long time! My own shop! Actually, this is my big project with my boy friend. Not just selling for a girl but also for a boy. Kindly follow our twitter for 10% discount : @cayleecious_ID and like our fanpage for 10% discount for second purchase. Free shipping cost for Pekanbaru. For this time we have not been able to ship abroad. Thankyou and happy shopping girls!
BB PIN : 30EFBB0D/0823-9039-1208

*pssst! we are looking for fashion bloggers who are willing to be sponsored by us! Contact us : (Ms. Caylee Amora) if you are interesting!<3

see you in my next outfit post featuring Cayleecious_ID!



  1. Waw! Good luck for ur project. But how can I see ur first collection? Is that possible for shipping to jakarta? (Ga sabar buat belanja :P) lol and I expect you'll provide a lot of mens stuff :)

    Regards, Fahmy Haryandi, "The Whisperer"

  2. Congrats! All the best for ur new shop <3

  3. goodluck kak yukii!
    best luck for your shop!

  4. Good luck for your shop dear! :)

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    Karina Dinda R. ♥


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