GIFT ME IN FEBRUARY : Artistry Photoshoots

I had previously promised to you that I will show my photo session with professional models that held in last February. The photo sessions take place very pleasant. We took two locations with different concepts. Whole day was very pleasant, during a photo shoot just filled with laughter, jokes and ridicule. Let me introduce themselves to you all. Our funny and cool photographer called Sabila, I called him Sabila but many others call him Putra, but whatever he still our coolness photographer. Glad to have him! and then, the second is....the male model that wearing snakeskin patterned named Shan Rain Gie, he said, he came from korea! Well I think he got lost. hahaha. Hhas high self confidence and always bullied by the other crew, but he still smiling. Good Job Shan Rain Gie. The third one is Clement, he was my truely mate, as my best friend, as my brother too and many others. He has a handsome face and he was a good model too. He has a proportional body and high enough as a model. Oh ya! Our group leader Kak Tiyas, she has a cute and beautiful face, you will see guys, just wait and she was soooooo nice! and Last, my friend Greatsby, help us during the photo shoot. Btw, the photo shoot was for Artistry Gift Promotion. I think it's enough, just enjoy the photos!

♥♥♥♥♥ Featuring, Shan Rain Gie


Many people said that our face are similar. Is that correct? Are we look like brother and sister?

I, YOU, WE, US!!!
with my friend Greatsby
 our Leader, Ruby Tresnasari Tiyas Chairani's cute face
 Clement in Bboy Pose
HAPPY!!! Sabila, Greatsby, Me, Shan Rain Gie, Clement
Pink Outer - Pink
Rebel Jeans - Gaudi
Boots - Big Man

It was fun right? See you next post! Happy Weekend


  1. NNNNNNNNIIIIIIIICE shoots kaaaak <3<3
    looove it!

    Ayu Damayanthi

  2. wow what a lovely blog you have!! :)
    just came across it and totally enjoyed flipping through it!
    definitely following you now & would be more than happy if you took a look at my blog and tell me what you think!
    i'd be MORE than happy if you followed back!!! :)
    xxx love,

  3. aww looking fun ! love your photoshoot :)

  4. you're so pretty dear
    and those picture are awesome !
    anyway, mind to follow each other ? ^^


  5. such a cute photoshoot ! u all look so happy n havin so much fun! n i love ur outfits!! :)
    im ur new follower
    check my blog n hope u follow me too :)

  6. beuaitul photos and you have perfect coat =)

  7. Amazing photos!!! looks like you had a lot of fun:)

  8. hello! long time not take a walk to your blog
    btw, you have a lovely photoshoots
    and and and for you know the boy that wear batik was damn handsome! Is that your boyfriend? I think you two can be a good couple that envy'in everybody<3

  9. so sweeeeet! you two damn sweet.
    you have a great team and great friends kak!
    Eat so much kak? I think you are little fat now, hehehe I'm sorry if I kinda sotoy :p
    bytheway get well soon kak, so sad heard that you got allergic on your face :(
    I alway pray the best for you kak :**
    keep inspiring us

  10. Thank you for your sweet comment!! These photos are adorable, you look very pretty!

    Carmen Ri.

  11. hi there lovely! youre so adorable! i love reading your blog! im following you! :)

    please visit my blog and follow back :)

    xx.dannah <3

  12. Great post. ,

  13. Nice blog darling!:)

  14. Yo have a amazing blog!

    Greetings from Switzerland:-)



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