Miss Me?

heyouuuuaaaaaalllll! miss me? i gotta miss you too.
yeah i'm back, i already done my final exam, and this time i wait for the results. VACATION ahead! i feel soooooooooo happy. oh yes soon Lunar's going, what have you prepared for this Chinese New Year? of course if I've prepared a lot of things! Confused? Yes! although not visible from my face but I must admit it that I am a chinese. born as crossbreed child is a pride and pleasure for me, I celebrate Christmas and also celebrates Chinese New Year, the feast every year into a double! baking, hunting, receive angpao, is the best day of my life hahahaha. maybe I'm going to blog again after Chinese New Year, would be a lot of exciting stories and photos, also for my success story is also up to 3% Amway's rank. I really want to blog it all but I save it first, it might for later. Just wait for it!

Happy Chinese New Year People! :')
& Have a great Chinese New Year too
Gong Xi Fa Chai 2563