Run The Floral One

enjoy my vacation, hunting, take a lot of pictures, mix and match fun day is it? well, do you like to shop? do you like a new stuff in your closet? I think no one who didn't like it. My mother gave me a little present this morning, a red bag with a ribbon in the mid. Happiness taste like world feel more better than before. Thanks to my mom who always support and understood me. There would be no me without her if that contributed to what I do.

Floral Chic's - Dress
Desdonna - Outter Wear - Gray
Red Bag - Gift
Wedges - Beyond - Black

cute right? i think so.
walk in my way. walk in your way. don't interfere the way of life, let it be the way it should be. because no one deserve to be treated un-equally
see ya next post! x.o.x.o


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  2. I love your style. That's so cute *-*
    You look so great!

    Where are you come from?


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