Pink Lady Ina - Novembreak The Floral Vector

hello guys! meet again with me hahaha
when I'm busy I will not even post anything, but when the holidays? see how diligently I post everything :p

today, my friend and I take some pictures for the PinkLina catalog, the theme is Novembreak The Floral Vector. everything went smoothly with an interesting theme and little classic i think. where the photo shoot take place em... it's a little secret.

Floral Cardi - Pink  | White-Pink Dress - Pink
Floral Jumpsuit - Pink  | Wedges - Beyond
Boots - Bigman

_____the cover_____

soft take

bonus take

how is it? kewl? :3

oh yes I forgot to introduce my friends to you, her name is vanny. she is my best friend since high school. sadly pleased, short of money and the debt we spent together hahahaha #toomuchbeyb. so after the picture taken, we also take a little time to capture the geek moment in that studio :')

crazy? yes! it's us!
see ya another post! x.o.x.o


  1. keren kak! sumpah! :))
    follow back aku ya kaaa!

  2. love your blog! you're damn fashionable!
    the concept too cool!~

  3. loved ur blogs, so sweet of u r. looking chic and fashionist. following u.Thanks a lot dear for following me, i'm going to do back. <3

  4. what the hell cool!

  5. how lovely!

    and your boots definitely stole my attention.. ROCKS!
    love this post.
    have a nice day, send my best regard to your bestie :3

    lotta love,

  6. now I have been following your blog, so go back to follow my blog.
    good photo for business, great.

  7. so cute girls, i follow you so u can follow me too


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