wool-in the rainy season

Pink- Wool Sweater
Jeans Pants.
Maroon Sneakers- Gosh

the rainy season has arrived ...
how to still look stylish with the clothing style of the rainy season?
well i'm sorry of my very crazy busy activity in my new place...campus. new friend, new happy life and also new activity in fact. in my opinion, the guy at my college is more fashionable than the female students. why? they thought it was incredible but we think it's tacky and super highly unusual.
t-shirt, scarf, leggings, crocs is their style.
One day, I saw a guy wearing a shirt with a denim and his indian bag! i'm sooooo envy with his indian bag.  That's one of the students that i think is more fashionable than others

oh well today i'm in my mood to do a shoot.
Pink proudly present the wool sweater and the material is very comfortable to wear. available in red, gray and blue color.

haha this is my crazy pose :p

enjoy your day! happy weekend~
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