sorry for long time no post

hey bellioners, i'm sorry about my busy activities, still hard to handle it all :s
i just reached my wish list about Aviator! i got it two weeks ago, cool glasses, and matching if used

cool enough huh? i think

hey! that's my new cardigan, blue, floral and cheerful

I just add my new wishlist, I want to buy cool shoes to college. Look different?!
may be hunting to a few places after I finished the consultation.

Hey my new classmate really...crazy! I liked them, I got the joy of laughter with their jokes. Later i will saw you our crazy photos. remember i'm still the new student who always make a sensation =P
whatever they say, i'm still the old yukiana, geek and different, i'm just step in another place of  education. ssst, a few of them already know i'm a catalogue model, and another them don't know! haha.

see ya another post! i promise not too late to post my new collection! oh! my another wishlist is Indiana's Bag :( hope i get it soon!


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