som en danser

you know the dance game at Funstation or Amazone or Timezone right? yes! I'm in love with that game, rather a kind of addiction maybe hehehe =p
the game can make us become agile and lean if you play it everyday.
 this idea come from my geek brain, found a pair of long socks and try to mix it with my rebel jeans

how is it? trendy huh? or what? hahaha
hard to describe
but it's so me, geek and little boyish

tank | mulberry
boots | big man
long socks | unbranded
french fries ring, kiss and prawn ring
rebel jeans | gaudi
jeans jacket | Revolution and Freedom Jeans (RFJeans)


  1. Cute look, LOVE the Mulberry vest!

  2. hey! i know you! @yukiana right?
    i love your blog!

    this post is great! your long socks is so trendy :)

  3. Gorgeous outfit :)
    Yes. I'm gladly follow back!

  4. Hi great outfit! I love knee high socks. You cant go wrong with them.

    Thank you for joining my group on IFB. I love your blog Im go glad you joined. I followed you on twitter and on GFC. I would love if you could return the favour.

    Im looking forward to more of your posts :)


  5. Love your blog, found you through iFB. I'm following via bloglovin' and google friend connect :) Would love if you'd do the same for me!



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