♥my artwork♥

my tools : 8B, 6B, 4B and 2B pencils, maybe next time i should buy 5B!

indeed, i have a lot of hobbies including singing, dancing and drawing. in addition to mastering photography, editing and fashion i'm very proud to be able to draw and my work of drawing ever used for my class outfit.

here my artwork, please enjoy!

how about this one? Bohemian Chic, i called! i love her hair, so fresh =D

the "dream" one, umm i love that pic so much, how about you?
if you want me to draw your imagine character please tell me or contact me to :

thank you so much, see ya later in my next post~
 Good Night♥


  1. Jealous to your drawing skill ;)
    Congrats ya buat award nya.. It's great.
    Btw ini yg twitternya @yukiana kan? Do you know me? Twitter gw yg @cecileef kita following each other, ya know :) what a small world isn't it?!?

  2. haha yes, i know you, we are in the same concept right? fashion blog!
    Glad to know you :D
    let's follow! i will follow your blog first and will you just follow me back?


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