Bow and Army

hey bellioners! miss me? yeah, i know. long time no post. i've done my OMB at my university for a week so that i can't do some photo shoot or just hang out.
today, i re-create an experiment in my new dress sponsored by PINKlina. wow they also have their geek, oldy and 80's era style, soooo vintage x)
PINKlina special in homemade clothing and especially tailored made in their home based!

oh  yes, thank you for sending me funny emails that i will discuss in the next postthere is praise, criticism, inspiration and input from you guys which of course i will receive and fix for the future post.


that geek glasses sponsored by atalia

tawny with bow blouse | PINKlina

green skirt | gift
geek glasses | atalia
big man boots
thanks for reading, good night! God Bless~