rainbow and black

black tassel fringe tank top that combined with my black tights, cool enough?
I felt the same way =)
I'd find a rainbow carpet seems really pretty yeah, so I wrote accessories that lies above it and the color is combine very well!

long tank top is very useful! can be a mini dress an many other
that color does not die when i add the belt on them
nude color! i really like it

featuring with my white blazer

here my awesome goods

kiss & prawn ring

my vans shoes!

my belt

rainbow carpet, beautiful huh?

black tassel fringe tank top - unbranded
tights - unbranded
white blazer - osmose
belt - bonus
shoes - green vans
bag - malaysian
ring - seoul

taken : timer
edited : me


  1. Hey Yukiana! I found your blog through ifb forums! These are really great pictures hun :) I love that tassel fringe tank top you're wearing, gorgeous on you! Just followed you here on blogger, feel free to visit my site too and follow if you like it :) It would mean the world to me!


  2. hey Violet! i already visited and followed your blog, you look gorgeous too =)

    thanks for visiting my page~


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