Hello! H-1 to Chinese New Year, YAY! Do you celebrate it? Sure I am. What's your preparation for your very big family gathering? Go to salon, buying new clothes or shop for some groceries. 

I'm pretty sure that most of you already cut or dye your hair or maybe go for manicure or pedicure. Today, I'm gonna share about my eyelash extension with Kartika Xu, which is my newly meet friend from latest photoshoot with Maria Stella. She was a very talented Make Up Artist that I've known so far. (Note : Make up & Hair do). Luckily she was great in extension too. So, this post is not an endorsement post but I write this because I'm very satisfied with the result.

Eyelash extension is one of many way that women do to ease the daily makeup routine. Because with eyelash extensions, we no longer need to apply mascara or use false eyelash to highlight the beauty of the eyes. I choose Macy Premium Flat Lash size 12 (C/0.20x12mm), I hope I have a great lashes like Kylie has so, I choose the longer lashes one. 3 hours needed for both eyes. Nice and neat result, I super love it. For 3 hours, her service was totally great. You can choose the shortest size if you want, like 10 and 11. Normally, eyelash extensions can last between one or two months of usage. Depends on how our daily habits to take care of. 

The results of her extension was very comfortable and didn't make the eyelid itching or irritation. It's because the extension are attached to the original eyelashes not on the eyelids, So, my lashes will not interfere with the eyelid, not heavy, and do not damage the original eyelashes. We can wash the eyeslash after 24 hours.

I got free treatment too! A simple yet cute nail art for my mini nails. I choose Angel From Above color from Perfect Match, the really sky blue color and she shave my eyebrow till neat and pretty! OMG very big thank you Kartika! Overall, I love the service I love the result of my new lashes, I love the nail art and my new totally neat eyebrow. Here is her contact, simple click the name :

Instagram : Kartika Xu MUA
Lashes Extension : IDR 250K
Nail Art : IDR 150K
0811 2570 911/Line : Kartikaxu

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