Merry Christmas and Happy New Year guys. Today is the last day of December. Today is the day we can count down together and wish for better new year. Are you excited for 2017 guys? Hold on! Before we talk about wishes around 2017. I'm more excited to talk about this ALTHEA KOREA Holiday Beauty Box. Glitz & Glimmer box or Kotak Berkilau. What I got? Let's roll!
1. ABBAMART Brown Smoky Pallete
Basic shade with a little bit glitter, oh I love this one. Especially the brown one.
 2. AMOK : Premium Eye Glow
I got Pegasus EG321 & Altair EG364
Must have item, easy to apply yet stunning even beginner can finish their make up like professionals. And this is the very first Liquid Shadow that can spin. Zero damage guarantee when shipping.
3. ARITAUM : Magic Contouring Highlighter Glam 02
This is my favorite sooooo far. My cheeks look super shiny and glam. One simple tip and done. 
4. HOLIKA HOLIKA : Jewel-Light Waterproof Eyeliner Pink Topaz 
This eyeliner shine bright like a pearls. Waterproof and soft apply.
 5. RiRe : PIGMENT
I got Snow White, Gold Cluth and Peachy Peachy. This is super pigmented. Very suitable for your special occassion like birthday, christmas and new year.
6. ABBAMART : White Base Shadow Brush
7. INNISFREE : Self Nail Jewel Stiker April Diamond
This box really worth to wait. Yes to die for. It was under 1 million after 79% discount. IDR 363.000 shipping directly from Seoul.
Enjoy the 17% OFF to by using HAPPY 2017 code.
This is my final look for NEW YEAR 2017 just using ABBAMART Smoky Pallete and Brush, A little bit Altair Touch and Magic Contouring finishing.
Oh anyway, I just want to thank CLOZETTE INDONESIA for such a great opportunity around 2016. Maybe I'm a little bit too late to realize. Short story, I was joined on Clozette as an Ambassador since November 2015. It's more than a year now. Something keep me busy till July 2016, my social beats still low and then I decided to take more serious action as an Ambassador. I got so many Korea stuffs to review. I had many new friends in Clozette Ambassador group. We share, we talk, but unfortunately I can't meet them. They also have so many gathering and meet up to attend but I can't make it because of where I live. But that's okay. Still, I have soooo many great experience being a Clozette Ambassador. Like, so many expensive stuffs that I got first for free and before sold out of course. Thank you so very very thank you. For God sake I'm truly blessed. Here some stuffs that I remember I got from Clozette as an Ambassador. Hope can envy you much because this blog job really made my year. Not as much as the other, because I'm afraid I can't make it on time.

Once again Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my blog Reader!
Ready for 6th year of my blog!
Goodbye 2016, thankyou for your sweet memories. Super Hello 2017 can't wait for another surprises.
I'm sorry that my post not as much as 2011 but I promise to do more better. 2017 Wishlist on next post! Stay tune.

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See you next post, xx!