Hello from the other side! Hello, Hi, welcome back to my blog. Yaas! December is here. Month full of love and happiness. So, like what I said on my instagram post before that I will blog more often special for December. We will talking about a lot of stuffs. I promise it's about life, wishlist, goals and many other things. So, for the first, I decided to talk about my December Wishlist.

Yea, you know, girl has a lot of stuff to do. They have their head to toe to feed about. And of course they have a lot of thing to buy. From what their need till what their "want" and continue to be "need'. I know you understand. So, are you curious enough? What I need, what I'm gonna do, what is my plan about for December? Go read them!

My things to buy :
I hope I can buy it all and not feeling broke, because I know how hard saving my money is and I still have my vacation plan going on. Damn it.
The good news is, I add the picture too so, maybe you will lose your control as I am. It's not that pricey but there is a lot of this stuff so it's cause broke in 1 month. I'm kinda addicted to furry things and velvet, so that's why my wishlist will full of that item. I've bought one of my furry collection, my little monster from UGLY. I hope my boyfriend read this and decided to bought it for me. *Shame* haha
1. Zalora Oversized Fur - IDR 349.000
2. TLTSN Trolls Boldly Pink - IDR 199.000
3. The Stupkid Pink Faux Fur Backpack - IDR 291.200
4. Sony Alpha A6000 - IDR 7.999.900
Oh and I saw a lot of velvet dress on my instagram, leather jacket and boho shoes too, I can't give the brand name because it's local. 

To-do List :
1. Ombre my hair to Platinum Grey
Notice my hair getting longer and longer? I need to cut if off (again) and dye those boring thing on my head, after resign from my current job I mean. There is no Chef with silver hair huh? Please tell me which one do you think suits me more? Left or right?

I wish I can fill all my not really need, needs. It's cost more than 9mio. Not gonna lie, I need new camera too, as my old one getting more old and heavy, cuz everybody with their mirrorless nowadays. That camera keep me accompany for 6 years now, thanks to Nikon and I'm looking out for something new like Sony Alpha A6000. It's has 24 MP badass. Since my old one only have 16MP and my iphone have the same megapixel like my camera. Oh my.

By the way, that's all about my wishlist and to-do list. Before I forgot, my stripes tee was from POSHCHIC.CLOTHING go visit their instagram for sure. Enjoy!


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See you next post, xx!