Hello! As I promised before, I will blog often this month. Here's my second blogpost. Today I will talking about Blogger's Dilemma. 

For fashion blogger, it's not only about writing on the blog. We need a fashion picture, a fashion description and fashion taste of course. Your blog will talking about your fashion style in your own way. Your fashion opinion, what's in and what's out. So, what is the Dilemma to become a fashion blogger? 

1. Parents Thought
Some of their parents are open to internet, some of them aren't. For those who knows internet and social media like instagram, youtube, etc it's easier for us to mention that we are a blogger. We do blog. For what blog? Fashion. They can access our blog through internet and know what we are doing for blogging. For those who are not? It's kinda weird. This thing also happening to me for the first time I decided to become blogger. You dressed well, put on make up, hunting for places and do some photo shoot for what? Hobby. Sometimes they are agree, sometimes they aren't. Because they think it's waste your school time. With the rapid development and widely known bloggers, they gradually understand.

2. Blogging Content These Day
Since this blogging thing well known by instagram user. Blogger take more place in fashion industry. Like, so many promotion done by blogger, product review even content writer, attending fashion week and many more. So, if you wanna be a fashion blogger these day, it's not only about fashion and blog. Blogger must have multiple skill. Blogger nowadays are traveling, beauty and fashion. You don't want to make your blog dull don't you if you stick to the old rules. You will attract more readers and known by many other if you have that 3 things on your blog. Not forget to mention, you need to have a lot of saving to pursue them. Money for new outfit, money for hangout place, money to buy make up and money for traveling. 

3. Hatred
Haters gonna hate. Have you ever heard or even experience this kind of words? Oh my God that's her! How can she looks so good in photo but not in person? I mean like, you and your photos are not the same if they saw you in person. First, that's called Photogenic, bitch. I do have acne, I have big thigh and shank, I have tanned skin and not too skinny body. We are pretty in our imperfection. Sometimes they call me fat and I just gonna yell this thing to them. Sorry maybe you are mistaken I'm not fat but I'm fit. I do have abdominal muscles if you don't know and I think fat girl doesn't has one. My weight and height suit me perfectly. For the skin tone? I was born tanned and if my skin look more light in photo and you know that's because of direct sunlight, huh? Beside of that imperfection I'm proud of another parts of my body and glad that I have it. So, stop spreading hate.

4. Time Management
Blogging takes times. Need more that an hour to write down some articles. This is the hardest part of become a blogger. You want it full time or half time? If you choose full time one day the result of your hard working will come back to you. Me? I'm half time now because I have a real job to do. 

That's all I think. Beside of that dilemma, I have a great experience being a blogger. Some I never thought I will do it, now I know how it feels. Don't forget tomorrow is 12.12 HARBOLNAS, great time to do online shopping because sale is everywhereeeeeee. Oh my hair getting more longer, should I cut it off?

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