In the middle of November already, seems near to the end of November. Near to the end of 2016 too. December will come soon. Sorry, I've been busy lately. Preparing for something big next year. I hope everything will run smoothly till the big day. I'm not talking about wedding. I'm so not and I don't plan to get married in the early 20s. Am I? 22? I guess it's a yes haha. I'm not refusing this thing, but I'm not ready yet, maybe in the middle or late 20s? Who cares? Success is the most important thing nowadays before get married. I promise my self to not livin in the poor. So, I'm working hard to pursue it. Of course, I need holidays I put a (s)! A long looooooong holiday. Soon, next year. This year dedicated to work.

It's almost a year. Throw back to the first day training for Sushi Chef position the one and only female in the kitchen, offered for an executive and today I'm on the top of my career for this restaurant. My position well good enough for me but what's work means without saving penny? The every single sweat of yours. This is the hardest part of being adult. Where we can't spend a lot of money without thinking of what or why. Need or not. Enough of work chit-chat. I'm sure planning on our next vacation trip that worth to wait.

By the way, this is not an endorsement page. This is what fashion blog supposed to be. Passionate. Without any sponsorship of what you wore on your body. It's about taste and fashion post just yet. Enjoy.
Shout out for my personal photographer. I love you!

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