Hi guys! Last day of October, it's means Halloween! Happy Halloween for you all. Have fun with your friends or love one tonight! Trick or treat? Give me something sweet to eat. Haha

Anyway, because I'm doing nothing tonight so I decided to write a post about Halloween Makeup Ideas. If your timeline full of scary look, no, I'm not gonna do the same. I just think, how about still looking pretty in your Halloween night? It doesn't hurt anybody tho. If you notice your timeline, most of them will about Joker or Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. Well, it's totally hits and pretty in the same way. I do agree. 

So, this post will talking about easy-medium-hard Halloween make up that I've made last few days and I decided to post it on Halloween day. If talking about scary looks, it's easy for me to say you don't need any make up skill to do your make up. But how about pretty look? You will find the answer below!


This look doesn't need pro skill to make them pretty. Just a little bit drawing on your face. Because I said that this is the easiest one so I will explain the beauty tools that I used to make this look. This look just need 10 minutes done. All you have to do first, not pick up your foundation. But, your cushion. BB Cream + foundation in 1 tool. Easy right? Tap tap on your face and then continue with loose powder to set them all. Then, all you need are matte eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipkit. That's all. Start drawing the nose first and after your face is set then you continue with the mustache. Last, wear out your bunny bandana. Finish! This is my favorite one, pretty yet simple and also not scary at all!


It's hard for me to pick which one is the medium makeup ideas one, because all of them are so hard to do. We need patient and a little complete makeup set to make this look. But, don't worry I kept it simple because I'm not a MUA and I don't have much tools to make any make up ideas. So, I'm using my foundation this time first to cover my acne scars and then start drawing my face with green because it's fairy. I also do highlight to make my face more dramatic. Oh this look doesn't need fake lashes, but the first one did. I love when the green meets gold. Sooo dramatic! That gold lips really to die for! Don't forget your flower crown. Fairy remember?


Who said the one with white dress was nice? You don't even know there is a demon hide. This look, well I can say this is the hardest one because we need glue, beads and a lot glitter. If you are going for a feminine look, I suggest you this one. Still playing with gold but with beads. Oh! This look is just killin me. Test my patience a lot. But all you need is dramatic costume for halloween. You need white eyeliner, glitter and lashes. This is the complete set. Need time, but I'm pretty great with the result. The glitter really take your halloween look to the next level. Trust me, it's all about glitter on your eyes. Rock them wih white dress and there you go! Mythical Maiden.
I'm sorry if this Halloween Ideas still not good enough for you, I'm not a MUA too. I can't do a lot hair do because my hair still short and I using all beauty kits that I have. I hope you enjoy it. Have a great night and can't wait to watching timeline tonight with a lot of inspirational post. Have a nice day all. Here the list that you will probably ask about my beauty kit on this post :

Mustache - Eyeliner // Maybelline Matte Eyeliner
Gold Lips - Kylie Birthday Edition Gold Lord Matte Metal Kit
Blue Lips - LA Girl Matte Lipstick + Gold Lord
Other that that I'm using the same stuff like usual people did

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See you next post, xx!