Hi from September. Welcome back to my blog. Just realize that I don't post anything since two months ago. Oh my, I miss my blogging time a lot a lot. 

Today I'm gonna share about MUA aka Make up artist. Flash back to my yudicium and graduation make up. Honestly, I have no good comment to share about their make up. Why? 
First, I'm very dissapointed of their super-simple look but we need to pay in a high price during booking. (Marketing tricks)
Second, there's a lot of people which also waiting to get make-up done by the MUA. So, all of their MUA in hurry to finish every single face in front of them and that's why their make up is not that maximal. 
Another reason why I disappointed is, the hair do. I wonder how good my hair when I believe of their hands. But you know, they exactly do nothing to my hair. That's why I'm so so so disappointed to MUA especially in Pekanbaru with a great name as their have.

Lately, I knew one of my junior in high school was a MUA. We keep in touch so we made a collaboration in SHE DID MY MAKE UP for my newest photoshoot with grunge make up. Oh! She is amazing. She is really into me. She knows exactly what I want. If you follow my instagram account you know that I love to wear dark shade. Almost of them are dark red, brown, purple even blue and sometimes red. Pink shade can counted by finger. I told her to have a really grunge make up today and she turned it into real. I'm so satisfied, really not to mention this is an endorsement. So on point and yet affordable. Since my hair was short so I don't need to do something with that. If you are curious here is the link to her profile. It's suitable for your hangout and dinner. Oh this make up last like forever even the lipstick. Super love! Thankyou Rika for your magic hand, can't wait for next collaboration.
Feel free to contact and take a look of her work
MUA by : Rika Mayang Sari
contact : @rikamayangsari
Oh anyway, my loose shirt or dresses in Indonesia size always ended like this. Hangin'. Don't worry I wore pants of course.

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