Halo! Welcome back to my blog. Halo February! Well, this month I can't say that my self as free as before. Holiday was totally over. I've attended my job training last 10 days and had the first test food yesterday. Gosh, I was so nervous. It's not a big test food but the food was tested by the owner and her family. Do I ever tell you that I'm working as a sushi chef? Yes, a lot of them asking why but my one and only answer is I'm not trying to be out of the box, I'm trying to make sure that there is no box. It means I'm seeking for brand new experience, not based on what I ever be because I'm hotelier. I just want to know, how good I am if I choose this option. Find a great start and you will never regret of any option that available then.

I visited Singapore last 24th January for 3 days and I read that my lucky color for my shio this year are yellow, gold and white. Not a bad news tho because all of my luck, career, love are good for all. I hope a great year ahead. This is my first year working as an employee and will receive salary from my own sweat beside of my blog job. How is my feelin? I'm totally excited, nervous aaah everything in one package but I will do the best. Talking about yellow, this post will has a yellow accent again since I already have a yellow hello last post. WEAREHARPIA made a resin into a cute jewelry with good material and good design. They are based in Jakarta. I choose their yellow gummy ball earrings and transparent color block to complete my ducky look. They have a lot of color to choose for the gummy ball earrings. I love the result when I wear them, so lovely and cute. 

Accessories - WEAREHARPIA // Shoes - Adidas NEO // Stripes Top - TOPSHOP

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