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Hello my blog readers! This is my first outfit blog on 2016. Happy New Year for you all, I wish your life full of laugh, hapinnes and joy. So what is your resolution for 2016? 

Because this is the first one, I wanna make it special. So I collaborate with my friends to make such a cute outfit photo and concept. So, we made a song album photoshoot and edit them like a real song album. Don't forget to download my song "Secret Ingredients" on itunes, (kidding). I'm gonna share my 10 secret ingredients to be a blogger, this is my 5th years of blogging so I guess this is the time to share what I can share based on my blogging experience to all of you and hope can be an inspiration of new fashion blogger in Indonesia or you and you who decided to have a fashion blog maybe. Here they are :
Well this is my 10 secret ingredients, all based on my experience #nooffense :
1. Don't give up too early
Based on my experience, our 1st year of blogging will full of happiness, so excited of making content and photoshoot. After 2-3 years the boring will comes, my third year of blogging was soooo plain and boring. There's no post, no new photo, no content just like blog is not my priority. So I think don't give up too early if you are boring of making content and do any photoshoot. Because get bored was an ordinary thing that happened to every fashion blogger. 
2. Be Creative and Different
This point is the most most most important point, why, because having style and not boring also not the same were a heavy homework for all of fashion blogger. Dress up like never before, changing style like chameleon but still into you was called creative.
3. Location is The Key of Everything
Well, maybe this is not a main thing for beauty blogger but really important thing for fashion blogger because the readers will get bored when you have the same background eventhough you have a different outfit, fantastic or maybe super duper incredible outfit. You need to change and make a cycle.
4. Don't Wear The Same Outfit Twice
Warning! Danger! Caution! For those who said that being fashion blogger was a easy breezy to do, not at all. New clothes every photo shoot, new look, new concept. To be honest you need to spend your whole time and money to creat a look, to make your audience happy, not as simple as that. Selebgram or whatever they called them is totally different with fashion blogger. They not making any content, they only shoot and post. That's all. Fashion blogger need to write down all thoughts, what's the current trend, why you choose this outfit and many more. Fashion blogger is a fashionable writer!
5. Learn From Gurus
Before we start blogging, we need to find inspiration to fill up the blog content. We must learn from fashion Gurus which already start the blog journey before we start ours. We need to learn how to write a fashion blog in a fashion way and post a photo like they did. My favorite are Micah Gianneli and Luanna also Anastasia Siantar, Sonia Eryka, Lucedale and Diana Rikasari from Indonesia. They are totally a fashion Guru.
6. Don't Let The Blog Things Run Out Your Money
I know, we need clothes, shoes, make up to make a wonderful blog. Everything begins with sacrifice. To be honest, the first year I start blogging I spend so much money for my blog, to buy shoes, accessories, bags, clothes and many more. Or my saving mode, I borrow some of mom's clothes that still look quite good and vintage to wear. Starting to write is difficult, but the benefit is really really worth to wait.
7. Maintain Your Blog Page
Beside your outfit, your blog page also an important thing to take care of. When people saw your pretty outfit but when they want to read more about your outfit they find out a super shiny blog, or a super heavy look of your blog, or maybe your blog was such a messy, we will never know what people think about us, so I suggest you a really plain layout like white or soft pink or what color that still in a pastel theme.
8. Update Your Skill
Aha! You know, if you have pretty outfit but you don't have any make up on your face, what do you feel? And what people will think about you? They said aaah you only have money to buy clothes but you can't beautify your face. And another and so and so...........haha will be a long long story if I tell you. Skill was such a distraction of course for reader and make them feel not bored by just looking at your picture. Maybe you can add tips or video to look more real.
9. Make a Connection
Like economics people said, consumer is a king. We need to make a connection between reader and author, it's just like an engagement between us, They will feel more appreciated with us and they know that they are exist.
10. Accept Sponsorship & Endorsement
This point helps point number 6 so much. After you run your blog site and after you made an engagement between you and your reader, it's possible if maybe one of your reader is a shop owner, you will never know. Sponsorship and endorsement help a lot to maintain your page, more often we got, many people would feel disadvantaged and we will be known by more and more people. Do the best will help you too to maintain your image in public and online shops.
So, that's all my tips and trick in 5 years of my blogging things, I hope it will help you and make you know that blogging is not easy like people said. Enjoy the pics guys! Super special for you.

Furry Top - Forever 21 // Shorts - Color Box // Shoes - Isabel Marant

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