Rainy day, day off, sweet enough. Well spent and get ya some sleep.

Second day ended up like this. Visited place called Belantik, where every single road was forest. The first thing in my mind just like, what? seriusly? But when I saw the result, it;s just like..Okay! We are going back. In case this place is not recommended to visit but good enough to take some picture. 

Forgive me, in this post I'm yeaa super duper lazy to take some, so that's why finding one picture with smile will be the hardest thing. By the way, I'm successfully to bring back my cheek bone. Hell yeah, eating red rice on my diet program and they show up more frequently. Thanks God hahaha

Since the bob hair were here, I post more boyish style than before. But it's not about hair, well it's all about mood and I can't make my hair more girly than the first day I got this short cut.

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