Hello my blog reader welcome to Beauty Channel Part II! Thanks God It's Friday Morning! So after a long time, here I am to start another new post psst, of course with my newest skill of drawing a grunge eye make up. Well, I still learning but I think it's not a bad idea to share even with unprofessional make up kit.
A couple weeks a go I got sponsor from BLESSHN.ID it were Naked 5 and Gucci Envy Me. First time I open the box I really in love with the basic color, my Naked 2 is a way more glittery than the 5 one which offer basic color without too much glitter on them, especially for the black color. I don't shop cosmetic rarely because you know bad effect will come if you are not selective of your cosmetic. Start to shop the original one from the tiny thing like brow cake, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Because that 4 things are your main building. Another to remain, shop cheap brand but original is allowed than shop the branded thing but replica. You need to be careful of what those things made of. Okay soooo, here my version of Grunge Eye Make Up, I saw some of this make up from Youtube and I made my version step by step but sorry, since I'm not a pro there is no video inside. Let's begin!

#1 Step : Make sure your face is already clean, you know apply heavy make up on your dirty face will cause pimples and blackheads. In this photo I've drew my brow with Anastasia Bevery Hills Dipbrow Pomade Ebony. To get a perfect shape of my eyebrow (even not perfect at all) I draw the line first and then I color the brow inside for the finishing touch I brush my eyebrow too. Well, of course I've accepted #showyournomakeupface challenge, well I'm not mind to show my real face because I'm not too rely on make up. Oh and no foundation base even bb or cc cream on my face, I just apply the eyeshadow base and highlight line on my cheek bone. Pardon my crazy pose.
#2 Step : I choose the black shade (3) and apply them to my outer v until half of my lower lash line and then I apply the brown shade (2) to blend the eyeshadow color. The white shade (1) is for highlight and also for your inner v to create more dramatic eye.
#3 Step : Apply Half Baked & Verve shade from Naked 2 Urban Decay to your cheek bone to create a tapered effect on your face. Since my skin was brown so I'm not adding any pink shade to my cheek, I think that's not really into me.
#4 Step : Don't forget to curl your lashes and apply the mascara!
#5 Step : Apply your favorite fake lashes to make your eyes more alive. Well, my favorite is dolly lashes I got from local cosmetic store. Can use 2-3 times. No brand needed for lashes pick but I suggest Silver Swan for my most recommended brand.
#6 Step : For the finishing touch, I choose 3D Liptint Kiss Beauty shade 24. Before I apply the lipstick, I draw my lip line first for the perfect result and apply a little bit lip balm to cover my lip because you know matte lipstick that last more than 8 hours will dry and has thick texture on lips. And covering your lips with lip balm will prevent the lipstick from cracking. Don't forget about your contact lens too! Remember? We are creating more and more dramatic grunge eye. Ready to act and snap? Let's go!

Pretty easy right? No expensive make up needed. I don't apply any foundation base or bb or cc cream to my face and only use loose powder because I don't want too heavy make up and make any difference between my face tone and neck. Since this things really works on me so I keep going doing my style. Another picture of my grunge eye make up that I've done before

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