"Trust is like a paper. Once it's crumpled it can't be the same."

Hello from! So glad can reach the next goal of my blog. You know move on to .com is not about how expensive the domain price but how big our intention to always keep writing a new post because the page is now paid. Well talking about my first experience of blog I'm gonna share the short story of iamlucianne. The first time I know blogspot I don't know how this thing gonna works and what I can do on this thing. Then my friend show me and the next day I start with photography picture that taken by my digital camera. I forgot my first blog name, I really can't remember what the name was but then I realize I really not into this. So, the next decision I've made was renew my blog into fashion thing and Diana Rikasari is my very first fashion blogger that I adore much. And bellionducky was born. So many special things on bellionducky, my first sponsorship, advertising and first e-mail from overseas that shake me up and keep continue till 2012. The biggest income that I've made from bellionducky was 6 million rupiah from online advertising. Not include new clothes, shoes, accessories and a lot of fancy things. I bought a dslr camera from the money to improve my picture quality, because it was taken by digital camera before dslr. It shows the seriousness of me in this part. The next year, 2013 I really disappointed my self because of internship I do nothing to my blog. Really that internship things kill my vibe. 2014 after Shanghai holiday trip I changed my blog name to iamlucianne, a part of my full name, Lusiana. On 2015 yeah I can say that I need so many improvement on my blog and sharing more fashion things like I did last 3 years, the first time that I really excited about blog. Along with the development of this blog took me the better in the association and found a lot of great people around me. And the awkward part was a strange feeling that iamlucianne known by many people. A big thanks especially to my pen pal Fajar for introduced my self to blogspot and help me again on my move on project to .com, you are a really life saver! We need to hang out sometime!

Moving on to next story..
It's about my quotes, on the top of this page. Long time no see and we decided to choose Hooked! as our place to have some little chit-chat, oh you know, it will not count as some but a lot. A lot of thing to share, to love and to discuss about. And God damn it, I love they always stay the same since the first time we met. Came from different major in campus it's so magically we became friends. Aha then we also like the same things, dislike the same things, note it dislike and hate is a totally different kind of word, hate cause the haters love the people that their hate so mucho and more and more, ups. Then the haters starting to follow what people that their hate do and here born copycat. Hate only some little feeling because you can't do what another people can do. The more often you saw it then you will be more hate. And finally your hate feeling become wild and uncontrollable. Haters always shout more louder then another one, and always insulting the backs of torn when his back torn larger. Believe it or not. Since I really picky on socializing sometimes I can choose the wrong size of my shoes too. One day ripe fruit will be rotten too. So set them free and you are not affected by the bad smell. You really know what I mean, don't you? The bad news then this is my page, so you are not allowed to judge anything that I write down here on my page. Hooked! was an incredible place, cozy and sweet! You must visit this place someday, in case I love a quite place so I recommend you to stop by around 2-4pm to have a whole place of yours. Because I love anything about pineapple on menu so I love their pineapple float, the first time I taste a pineapple topped with ice cream, yum! Pineapple is good for health and diet, correct me if I'm wrong. Here the picture about us and Hooked, enjoy!
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Happy .com!