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Some people say support local brand. I couldn't agree more. But what kind of local product that we should support? Let's find the answer by keep continue reading my page.
I made a quick shopping trip with my boyfriend to some market in the town. Well, the condition is 100% different with mall shopping. We can bargain, we make a deal, they make some offers, we take it or leave it, it's all depend on us. No branded things, all I can say it's all socialized. To be honest it's hard to find out outfit that suitable with my style, need extra patient to check out all of the stores to get only one pair of outfit. It's all right there are many fish in the sea, but only a few are fresh. They sell almost the same things from one store to the next store, we only need a fix price to get what we want. If you are not satisfied with the first store then you can go next with the same things, all over again until you get the best deal of them. So, until 2 hours exploring, I got 1 stripe tops and 1 stripe pants only for idr 200k. Well, I think it's a best deal (or maybe not). Next hour, I'm ready for the photo shoot. One hour it's all okay, I looked great, two, three hours I'm wearing that pants it's started to ripped on the side. That's the first reason why I'm not into the really local things. No money no goods. I still love Bangkok or import stuff that cheaper than another import stuff but we got the quality that we want. They are up to date, they are cute and the most important thing they are cheap. Cheap with quality not only the price speak out loud. I suggest you to support such a big Indonesian based online shop just like berry benka, what we like, zalora, look boutique, giyomi, iwearup, cloth inc and etc, they are all really worth to buy. That's what I called support Local Brand. No offense. What the hell you are wearing idr 100k and then the next hour they just ripped on side. Enough, the first and the last time I tried to shop really local product.

Another good news come, I'm working for WhatWeLike as a featured blogger for the first month and I'm gonna write so many articles about fashion there, make sure you are not gonna missed it. There will be a lot of tips, newest fashion trend and spread that really worth to read. Let me introduce more about WhatWeLike. WhatWeLike.co is launched with a mission to help the shopping community find the best items online. With the growth of online shopping and e-commerce comes a problem which are not easy to solve. How do online shoppers find the best items when it is buried with the other tens or even hundred of thousand items online? WhatWeLike.co is not an E-Commerce company but rather a community site where shoppers help each other find the best items where it may be fashion, electronics such as smartphones or tablets and travel. My very first article about fashion trend especially for monochrome read it here. Make sure you leave any comment and like for me.

Top & Bottom - Local Market // Bag - Chicotienda // Ankle Boots - American Eagle
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