I'd say one of the perks I enjoy from blogging is visiting new place and trying out new things that I never tried before. So my group (added new personal photographer) decided to visit any new cafe in town. Unfortunately the one that we planned to visit was closed. Bad me, I don't read their instagram caption about close every tuesday. Heading to plan b and we're arrived at Antica, the newest (as I know) in town. Start from their car lot you'll find some photo spot, lucky me I park in front of the spot, which is harley davidson grafitti. A lot of 3D grafitti also avail next door. Walk inside we will find a cozy worth living lounge, I love almost all of their spot especially their cute colorful couch but still I'd love a calm and peace place. Antica is the way too crowded even on weekday. Lychee tea is recommended to remove your stress mind, me love it. Located at Ronggowarsito 38B. Take your time to visit their cafe and enjoy the meals and happy atmosphere inside.

In mood to dress more lady than usual with red and black, this tutu is live saver. You will never go wrong in tutu and you will never go old with them. Also nothing goes wrong with black. When in doubt wear red. Totally mad combo. Well, busy picking up material for my graduation day really ruin my whole day. Bunda suggest me the baby pink when I think black and gold were the coolest and glam. But you know, nothing can blame what parents choose for us. The reason why I think black and gold will be the great combination because my skin color is brown and I can't imagine the whole pink on body, do I will look like nicky minaj on starships? Or maybe chocolate stick topped with strawberry frosting, maybe. Oh seriously I need vacation after this gradution thing passed. A little escape and refreshing won't kill anybody.

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Tutu Skirt - House of Emma // Bag - Mango

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