Post Card from Hello Premio

H-1 from the opening, officially back to pastry world and say hello to Hello Premio, my online cake shop since 2013. Serve you the premium cake with high quality ingredients. It took one year to think that I will participate or not in this business. It took many months until I decided to open it. With the ability and experience I dedicate  Hello Premio to all of you.
We sell cupcake for Pekanbaru area and Jarcake which can be reach by JNE YES around Indonesia. Besides cupcakes and cake we accept cookies orders for major holidays such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Eid, etc. Birthday cake, flower cupcake and many more. You can find out the live update here

And for the Milk Pie holic, don't worry, we are come back to town, handled by my boyfriend and follow their official account here. We accept  delivery door to door every week!
Sometimes we will open a stand corner near to Governor Building and you can buy directly all the products that we sell. So, see ya y'll there.

Anyway, I'm searching for social media influencer, if you are interested to work with us, go directly contact through my e-mail : 

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See you next post, xx!