Used it all for takes
But your heart maybe matters
And desire on your fate
With your fear where'd you after.

Hey, hello! You gotta kidding me with that pants. Do I need to cut my hair? I have no idea with my long hair (I always cut them when they're starting to be more longer than my chest) or let them grow? Oh, I totally don't know what to do. Anyway, I would have my yudisium day this month, yeah this month and I'm so excited with that and know that I'll graduate soon. The best part is picking up some material, choosing what I'm gonna wear and pair them with the culture. All graduated woman will show off their best kebaya and also the make up on that day. No part as best when you choose the good for your good days. What the heck, wise mode.

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They have a good quality tee and comfy to wear, also I'm addicted to their case and tote bag, how sweet they also have printed canvas for you to decorate your bedroom.

Tee - TEES INDONESIA // Shoes - Isabel Marant

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