No Doubt In Red & Black

I'm on Riau Fashion Icon 2015 competition and already hit the top 3 with Le Boyfie. This is my final OOTD Challenge and I choose classy for the theme.Well the reason why I choose "desert" for my background because Classy In The City is too mainstream, just like playing a safe game that you've majored in! I'm look like a business girl lost in the desert, don't you think that it just that interesting? Looks like Angelina Jolie in Beyond Borders. Diggin' out Mommy's coat and feels like 60's. And you know I always addicted to this love shades that comes out on Neon Trees video clip.

For the outfit review, I modified my side slit skirt to the middle and it just turns out very well, and this is my favorite part too when you can wore a same thing in the different way. Oh well, my earring, this is the second time I wore some earring. The first one when I'm trying to look like Becky G and then pearl earring for the final was so so sooo 60's!

Then just wish me luck for the competition.

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