Yukiana - All White x CASETHETIC

Hi! Welcome back, just got a free time after thesis busy. By the way, I'm so excited about this new post, I don't know why I just get my spirit back as a blogger. No lecture and counsel today, just wanna have fun.

Introducing my new sponsor, CASETHETIC that serve you a high quality mobile case with their new Sweet Euphoria Collection, very suitable for summer with your name printed. I totally support Indonesia Local Brands and hope another bloggers do the same.

My friend currently ask about tips and trick to get the good photo for OOTD, here some tips from mine:
1. Use a HQ camera at least 16 MP, so the camera will help you to have a good photo and keep you away from bugs.
2. Outdoor Photo is Truly Recommended! Beside to have a good background, also the brightness will keep your photos better then indoor quality one. 
3. Get the best Angle. You have to know which part of your body that not good enough in any angle, it means that we must cover it with a style not to edit it with *hotoshop, Honestly, there are some parts of my body that is less supportive to be photographed. I was born with big thighs, I do not blame my self for it, because I caused it to be so large than the normal one. In another addition, I have a great skeletal, so although I was thinner then before, my body will look the same because it is basically a big. Learn from previous mistakes, I am looking for outfit that fit my body perfectly. So I avoid tight pants, shorts that are too short, it is better to choose the short with subordinates loose if you still want to wear it. Another things I do is to love my own body, proud part of my body is the abdomen. Why? due to the hard work my belly was never once distended. I have a muscular arm, brown skin and I love it! So just show what we have to make our self proud it will cover our deficiency. 
4. Right Outfit In The Right Place, this is the most important thing too because place and outfit were just like sugar and ants. 
5. Do Not Wear A Same Outfit. Even your photos are good but wearing boring clothes and same clothes will make your readers think that you are not an icon.

Here is an outfit video for you all my readers, please always support me to make another videos by hit the like and subscribe them on Youtube.

Top - J.Rep // Pants - Pret A Porter // Shoes - Lucya // Case - CASETHETIC
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See you next post, xx!