Lazy Monochrome

"Prestige is the shadow of money and power."

It's so random anyway, but I think I need to write about it..

Today I will talking about prestige. The luxurious life is a pretty dream for everyone, but one thing I want to emphasize, recognize your size of wallet first, what's your parent job, how hard they work just to fulfilling our live. So a few weeks ago I noticed a lot of teenagers who impose their will to follow the trend. National news about the death of a youth due to a fall from cliff into the crater? I guess you all know, or teenager that struck by a train because of taking a selfie photo? They are just going to show how great they are in prestige regardless of the consequences that would happen. Sad.

Prestige is not to show off. Sometimes behind the nice clothes that we wore, people won't know how difficult the ongoing of their family economic. The fact that I often find that the cost of their life who follow the trend will be very different from the conditions of their family economic in fact. This is what we called triggers crime and lawlessness. And in the end people will do anythings to get it.

My advice is, we can show off if the origin is accordance with our abilities, as long as we are not the ones who are very rich or those who already have their own income, let's not to be proud of what actually not ours. Grateful for what has become yours. #yukianasbecomesowis #wisdomattack


So, it's a lazy Saturday on monochrome and found a new spot for taking picture with le boyfie. Anyway, I just hit the end of my last semester and my thesis is well prepared just wish me luck for it. I must graduate this year! It's a must, really. And for the preloved sale, omg the buyer enthusiasm is very high! Thank you for it. 

My kinda post is featuring Thirteen13_shops Afterlight and VSCOCAM fullpack application, I'm so in love with the application because I can edit my photo with tons of good effect, so I will show you the result. All of this photos already edited with VSCOCAM KK1 effect. By the way you can fulfill your phone with ios and android applications start from Rp 5000, very cheap yash? Go click the source and order them! Well I will not write too long anymore, just enjoy the picture!

Effect review; I choose this effect because it show the natural of wall color and also doesn't change my skin tone. Below is the fullpack of Afterlight application, so worth it huh? Enjoy the editing!

Top & Outer - Pret A Porter // Bottom - Giyomi // Birkenstock - American Apparel

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