A while from very busy month, yeah just two three step to my last achievement, my graduation. Okay just forget about something that I don't want to talk about, just want to skip this unwilling moment.

Just had a outfit scene, supporting local brand that I found from a local boutique during my last visit to Bukit Tinggi, Sumatera Barat called Rocksider. Just wondering if I can wore this outfit to my class. And just wondering if dress as we like legal here, there will be no conflict between people who wore it and those who see it.

By the way just close to my newest video project with the one and only photographer Clement Ananto. We've prepared a lot for better video results, maybe will be a conversation in it. Previous experiments have been done a few times and there are somethings that make us disappointed and stopped us. So we tried to fix it and make a change for the better the next.

Any way, I'm going to have a next vacation trip to the island across my city and conducting research as well. Just can't wait for the next trip and hope my thesis quickly resolved. The yellow dominates so please enjoy!

Fedora Hat - LOVA // Baseball Tee - Rocksider // Shoes - Vans

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