Precious Print

This is the special edition one from my March post, I like this outfit very much. I've been waiting two years to wear this one set outfit because of my size, the crop tee doesn't fit my body well last year and that is my one happiest reason because I've lost a lot of weight when the internship takes place. See? My very new bob hair? Omg I just felt a few years younger. Like a toddler who was very happy to find a new toy that had been lost. I think I would look odd because accustomed to long hair, it turns out very well not too disappointing. Sometimes we have to dare to try something new, I guess.

Sometimes I can think  a day of what we will be discussed in this blog, which is not just an outfit and photos. Perhaps there should be something that is meaningful to learn every week. Sometimes I lose direction. Are you get bored with just reading or what should be done so the blog is not that boring. Reader's feeling is the most important thing to think about. 

By the way my outfit video just out! Only a short one, but I think it's kinda cute. Sorry I still can't add a reason why I choose that outfit because the weather was not supporting us. Lately, rains often due to forest fires, so the government makes an initiative to create artificial rain so that the city will not covered by smoke again. Enjoy the video!

One Set Outfit - Chlorin Cloth // Eyewear - Vonzia by Yvonne // Bag - Kittensrack

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